Peter Rabbit 2

By Stone Drive-In (other events)

4 Dates Through Jul 01, 2021

Peter Rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit 2 will run:
Friday, June 25th
Saturday, June 26th
Sunday, June 27th
Thursday, July 1st

Showtime is at 9pm.

-- After stopping by the ticket booth, feel free to park wherever you want! You're welcome to sit in your car, in chairs or on blankets beside it, in the truck bed, etc!

-- Listen to the movie via your car radio on 90.3 FM. You're also welcome to bring your own portable radio!

-- We play the movie rain or shine!

About the movie:

Despite his efforts, Peter can't seem to shake his reputation for mischief among the other rabbits. Once he adventures out of the garden Peter finds himself in a world where mischief is appreciated, but soon his family come to bring him home.   Rated PG